What Next? Salon#2 Notes

What Next?

Notes from  The Second Salon: Fair Exchange and the ethics of Invitation


“What role does the act of fair exchange and the ethics of invitation have with art organisations?

We would like to gather different perspectives from local art organisations who approach the aspect of invitation (Who do we invite, why do we invite, how we facilitate this invitation and what do we offer with our invitation?). We will discuss the greater need of diversity and the current pressures (for example social distancing, and financial difficulty) that are affecting the act of invitation with growing use and current need of technology (online seminars) and its benefits and disadvantages. We look forward to exploring new ideas on how to interact with our local communities and to create stronger dialogues with each other and with the numerous and growing art organisations in the south-east”.


After each zoom salon, we invited participants to send us any responses, either as a piece of text, or a voice or video recording etc.

Here are some of the responses from Salon#2: