What Next? Salon#1 Notes

What Next?


Notes from The First Salon: Life after Lockdown


‘The lockdown has changed the way in which we communicate. As we see less and less of each other physically, we depend on online connections to those we love, enabled by devices unimaginable only a decade ago. Technology is developed by businesses, and by using devices, businesses like Apple and Google open a peephole on our lives – indeed never has a people so willingly been snooped on. Indeed, tech can connect us when crises come up, but its impedance on our senses, seclusion and dignity is less well-known.

Could we say no? Should we say no, how and how long would we keep going? To switch off our phones sounds like heresy. Secondly, do we mind being snooped on? Indeed could a simple life be enough? 

No one could deny the benefits of open communication. The question is if by living online we abandon the solitude which accompanies a less hectic life.

The salon welcomes all thoughts and ideas on communication, life, lockdown, and beyond.’ 


After each zoom salon, we invited participants to send us any responses, either as a piece of text, or a voice or video recording etc.

Here are some of the responses from Salon#1:


Gabor Stark
Just realised that this Mahler song is the perfect soundtrack for artists in isolation.
English translation of the Rückert poem below:

Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen

Friedrich Rückert (1788-1866)

I am lost to the world
with which I used to waste so much time
It has heard nothing from me for so long
that it may very well believe that I am dead

It is of no consequence to me
Whether it thinks me dead
I cannot deny it,
for I really am dead to the world

I am dead to the world’s tumult
And I rest in a quiet realm
I live alone in my heaven
In my love and in my song

Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen,
Mit der ich sonst viele Zeit verdorben;
Sie hat so lange nichts von mir vernommen,
Sie mag wohl glauben, ich sei gestorben!

Es ist mir auch gar nichts daran gelegen,
Ob sie mich fuer gestorben haelt,
Ich kann auch gar nichts sagen dagegen,
Denn wirklich bin ich gestorben der Welt.

Ich bin gestorben dem Weltgetuemmel!
Und ruh’ in einem stillen Gebiet!
Ich leb’ allein in meinem Himmel,
In meinem Lieben, in meinem Lied!


Feature Image:  Gabor Stark