Watermark teasers shown on BBC Big Screen


Last Saturday two “Watermark teasers” along with 7 other short films produced by DAD were shown on the BBC Big Screen in Dover’s Market Square. The “teasers” (the name given to the 2-minute films to awaken interest in the documentary about Buckland Mill that DAD is producing) were by recent UCA graduates, Marley Showler and Robert Bernard, both of whom worked with DAD in March as part of the “Story Shop” crew. A few former Mill employees made it to the square to see the films, including one former employee who had not yet heard about the project. “I know him!” was the surprised response plus a really interesting story about his first day at work in the pulp room.

Those in the Market square were invited to post comments about the films on the Bozmein blog. The blog is open for all to visit and comment on the films which will be screened at random times once a day for a year.

Photos by Marley Showler