Walking the track


Artist Gabor Stark’s Friendly Army sculptures are now all installed along the track at East Kent Railway.
The sculptures have been sited into the landscape, some like beacons and some appearing almost ‘camouflaged’ into the landscape in Spring.

The Friendly army has become a special attraction for visitors to the Railway and a remarkable relationship has grown up over the last 3 years between Gabor and Alison and Mark Hopewell and their team at East Kent Railway who all worked together to make Gabor’s vision a reality.

“It was a rewarding experience and a real pleasure to collaborate with East Kent Railway. Throughout and beyond the two years of the DMAG Joined Up Project, EKR staff and volunteers have actively supported the project, shared their knowledge of the site’s history, and helped constructing and siting the six sculptures during my numerous visits and building workshops. My special thanks go to Mark Hopewell, The Knees Woodlands and WW2 Trench manager at EKR. Without Mark’s continuous commitment, his knowledge and skills the project simply would not have been possible.”  Gabor Stark

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Gabor and DAD over the last three years. Although tough at times fitting everything in, the end results are amazing. Alison Hopewell

Joanna Jones and Ines-Ulrike Rudolph joined Gabor, Alison, Mark and Jack to view all the six sculptures on May 7th.

The Friendly Army consists of six sited sculptures that trace the historical connections of the East Kent Railway to the First World War and mark the thresholds and crossings between the remaining line and its surrounding landscape.For more information on the sculptures