The Watermark team are back in Dover

The DAD Urban Room

The films director Marianne Kapfer is back in Dover for 2 weeks of shooting. Her assistant Domenic de Vere as well as sound artist Robert Jarvis are also back. They are assisted once again by Andrea Morris, Jamie Jenkinson, Cassie Beckley & Korinna McRobert the students from UCA Maidstone who helped at the story shop in March.  All the students have volunteerd to help out in their summer break before returning to University in the Autumn.

Edda Jones cooked for everyone each evening. This coming together over food at the end of each day was an important element in enabling  Marianne, Dominic and the crew to sustain their tightly packed filming schedule.
Edda’s care and creativity in catering for everyone’s special diets so that everyone could always eat everything was no mean feat.