The 6 Ways 2 Wellbeing: a different outlook on life

DAD4DADs Six ways to well being

Taking part in the DAD4DADs 6 Ways to Wellbeing project has encouraged a more positive outlook for one of our Wellbeing champions:

“Since becoming a Wellbeing Champion and learning about the 6 Ways to Wellbeing, my outlook towards everyday things has changed and I think a lot more about how I can become more positive and incorporate the 6 Ways in my day to day living.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a Champion and am grateful for the skills I have learned since becoming one. I took part in Greg Stobbs’ drawing workshop which was very engaging and really made me think about the relationship I have with my Dad; this was challenging but also enlightening. I feel that I will always have a different outlook on life since being a part of the 6 Ways to Wellbeing project and I hope to always incorporate them into my life whilst continuing to encourage others to as well.”