Natlie Prior

Natalie Prior, Counsellor MBACP (Accred). As a woman, mother and professional I am forever intrigued and fascinated by the workings of Human relations. How do we form relationships, for what purpose? Furthermore how can these be healthily maintained, what can we as individuals offer in a relationship and what are expectations for ourselves based on? Working with children and adolescents for 6 six years within the NHS has given me a solid foundation in which to explore many experiences children bring to the table. As clinical lead for my department I was always looking to explore different ways of meeting young people’s needs,

On a personal note, there is no greater experience than to be a mother to teenagers… The true grit and resilience needed in relating, understanding the depth of needs for these young, evolving beautiful people soon to be our future is a true inspiration to work hard and gain their respect and trust.