Structures on the Edge : Poetry, drawings, small fortunes and more structures


On 23 September 2018, the CHALKUP21 art and architecture trail was celebrated through art and poetry inspired by the trail.

Structures on the Edge, in the Samphire Hoe Education Shelter and co-produced with the White Cliffs Countryside Partnership, began with performances of poetry and writing written in response to the  poets and writers walk led by poet and writer Chris Poundwhite assisted by artist Louise Webb. It was also an occassion to celebrate the  CHALKUP21 drawing exhibition with many of the exhibiting artists seeing the exhibition for the first time. The exhibition curated by Marcia Teusink is at the shelter for the whole of September open daily from 10am – 5pm. Steve Walker had lit the wood burning stoves in the Shelter making a very cosy atmosphere to enjoy some of the many wonderful drawings created at 8 of the 9 CHALKUP21 structures as well as the poetry and ceramics from Frazer Doyle.

Frazer has created a CHALKUP21 souvenir special edition of small fortunes. These exquisite pieces, for sale at £1 each, described by one visitor as “such gorgeous pieces”  are glazed using collected beach glass and Frazer has also made some beautiful special edition CHALKUP21 boxes to store them in.

Steve Walker from the WCCP had led a CHALKUP21 themed workshop Chalking the edge for 16 young people on Saturday 22nd to build their own Structures on the Edge that had been a great success.

We’ve had some lovely feedback:

On a wet and chilly September afternoon at Samphire Hoe, we gathered in the toasty warmth of the timber-clad education shelter to celebrate CHALKUP21’s triumphs and achievements. As one of the nine landmarks that make up the trail, it was a fitting venue that, until the end of September, plays host to an exhibition of beautiful and inspired drawings that variously depict some of its highlights. These drawings were the result of artist Marcia Teusink’s ongoing public workshop series for the project, and it was in their presence that we enjoyed a live performance of poetry which responded to the trail. Six of that workshop’s participants (Alice, Anna-Marya, Bill, Deborah, Julia, and Nienke) came to read their work, which delighted and amused with lyrical acuity, bringing something of the vast landscape of the trail between Capel-le-Ferne and Dover seafront into this small space. There was no shortage of applause from the audience, who afterwards were invited to enjoy the exhibition or simply some good conversation with each other, or otherwise to view a display of “small fortunes” – delightful ceramic “shells”, coloured using local beach glass, that were made by artist Frazer Doyle – that had been commissioned especially for the project. It was a beautiful occasion, and a wonderful way both to look back at what has been achieved already, and look forward at what the trail will offer to the public long into the future. Three cheers to Joanna and Clare at DAD for this great success. Chris Poundwhite

Thanks to Joanna and Clare for creating the wonderful ChalkUp21. What a great way to spend a wet, cold Sunday afternoon. Poetry, art, ceramics, 2 lit wood burners in a stunning location. Inspirational and innovative.

It was very cosy in the Shelter – lovely to take refuge with poetry drawings ceramics and great people. My idea of a perfect wet sunday afternoon.