Story Shop


The “story shop” got underway today. The day began with loading and unloading the equipment lent by UCA Maidstone and setting it up in the shop. This was followed by a day briefing before the first visitors arrived and the day ended with a debrief, thus setting the pattern for the next few days.

6 scheduled interviews took place and the rest of the week looks busy.

The only hiccup we had with setting up the story shop last week was that UCA architecture/interior design students were unable to help as promised due to unforeseen commitments. Fortunately we were able to use the “Recreation” store so the shop was pretty much ready with a slight refit – with expert help from Edda Jones – to make it a teeny bit better for recording and filming. The noise of seagulls and traffic could not be entirely eliminated of course, nor could the sound of opening and closing doors, but then the plan was always to set up operations in a shop, in the centre of town and to encourage people to drop in.

The drawings on the windows were kindly done by Esther Coombs