Some more lovely concrete poetry by pupils taking part in Nautical Threads

Schools and arts award

Performance poet Dan Simpson led another series of concrete poetry workshops on 18 and 19 November 2013 at Cartwright & Kelsey, The Downs, Sholden and Portal house schools. Dan encouraged students and pupils to peform their poems in front of the class, which gave them a chance speak confidently in public: a key skill that will become increasingly important as they progress through education.

The teachers at Portal House felt it really helped the boys with confidence as they usually feel that they’re rubbish at everything. Being creative allowed the boys to feel they were good at something. The teachers also felt that it gave them fresh ideas for creative projects and that the projects in both Tania’s and Dan’s workshops could be subsequently worked on and developed further by the children.” (Loren Beven)


  • Fantastic workshop! Lovely manner with the children. Dan valued all ideas and made every child feel talented. The task was well matched to the children’s age/ability. I look forward to combining the visual (textile) with the written (poetry). Thank you for this opportunity. (Jenny Abbot, Sholden)
  • The session really enthused the children. The fast pace and high level of involvement kept the children excited and full of ideas. Language features and artistic skills used well in the shape poem. All children were able to contribute and produced some good pieces of work. A well-led workshop that met the objectives, thank you. (Rhianna Bridges, Cartwright & Kelsey)
  • We had the poetry workshop yesterday and the art workshop today – they were both great and the boys got so much from the work they did. They were engaged all the way through both mornings and really enjoyed what they were doing….so we are on our way now to the final pieces. (Cheryl Banton, Portal House)
  • Awesome day working on @DoverArts’ #inspire #nauticalthreads programme in primary and secondary schools in Kent! (Dan Simpson)

Images by Jennie Wright and Loren Beven