Rosie and Marcia’s second visit to Dover


Marcia and Rosie had another great day visiting the venues they hadn’t managed to get to on their last trip.

“The day began at Aylesham Miners Heritage Centre where we turned up unannounced and were met with a warm welcome and cups of tea.

We had a look at some of the press images on display there as well the lovely model of a miner and had a quick chat with Jim and Kerrilyn about workshop arrangements. But we couldn’t stay long as they had a date with John at the Guildhall Museum in Sandwich.

Here we had a quick history of Sandwich and looked at the WW1 connections, only just tipping the iceberg of John’s extensive knowledge of the area. John showed them the facilities for workshops and they were off again, but not before having a sandwich at the Sandwich Shop in Sandwich. (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Next stop was the Dover Transport Museum were we were met by Brian. What a huge collection, something here to excite everyone. We focused on the WW1 Pearce Arrow lorry used on the Western Front during WW1 and of course the model Bleriot airplanes hanging from the ceiling. Some objects were currently being restored but will be out again in time for the workshops. Such huge scope for drawing and stitching workshops here.

Finally we headed for our final destination at the East Kent Railway where we hoped to entice Mark out of his hideyhole in the woods.

It was a beautiful warm day and perfect for a walk in the woods. Mark showed us the classroom he and his team have built, as well as the trains. This gave us some great ideas for workshops which will be revealed soon.”

We will be posting up a list of all workshops with dates and venues in the coming weeks.