Resider/Reside opens in Dover


Resider/Reside opened in Dover yesterday with “looking right, then left… then right again” “regarder à gauche, à droite, puis de nouveau à gauche” by Pierre-Yves Brest.

Lots of people came despite the rain to see Pierre-Yves’ images in the Centurion House Box Gallery and on the Big Screen. There was a slight worry when at 4pm there was no sign of the images but at about five past up came the title slide followed by the photographs and the crowd burst into bravos and applause.

“What a magic moment it was to see something so beautiful and unexpected.”

Everyone then piled into Mandy’s tea house for a delicious cream tea and an afternoon of conversation. Mandy and her staff coped admirably, making sure that no-one had to wait too long.

Images courtesy Joe Love. copyright DAD and the artist.