re-purposing of kearsney trees

Kearsney Interpreted

On a spring like January day in 2019, artist Alma Tishlerwood works with Rob Hedley Dray in creating ‘Alice’ out of locally felled trees. The logs had become available at the start of the Russell Gardens restoration programme at the Kearsney Abbey site in Kent.

Local passers-by have strong views, especially where environmental issues are concerned. Alma concurs with them that it is hard to see a tree cut down, even if it is diseased, or in the wrong place. But there is also good news. Transforming timber into permanent structures, rather than burning it, locks up the carbon that might otherwise have contributed to climate breakdown.

After the first exhausting day on site, Alma said that she was delighted with progress. I’m glad that ‘Alice’ will be made out of these beautiful wood from these trees, I’ve also learned some amazing facts about their hidden anatomy.