Drew’s workshops: student feedback

Kearsney Interpreted

I ended up with 14 students between the ages of 7 and 10. Two students were from the Aspen unit of the school who also joined in with the day’s events. We based the day at both Russell Gardens for the first portion of the morning and then moved on to Kearsney Abbey for the second half of the day. We started off  by drawing with a range of materials at Russell Gardens, then moved over to Kearsney Abbey across the bridge to do tree rubbings and leaf reliefs and finished off with black and white photography in the afternoon. Drew Burrett

Here are some lovely comments in response to Drew Burrett’s workshop with Whitfield Aspen school:

  • I really enjoyed it because we were outside and drawing things we could see
  • I liked it because we were all together but doing our own separate things.   
  • I like doing the tree bark rubbing
  • I liked taking the photos with the camera
  • I liked it because we had a chance to show everyone how we do our art
  • I liked the leaf rubbing
  • I would have liked the chance to draw some things in other parts of the gardens​