Lantern making workshop

Schools and arts award

On Saturday 18 January 2014, Astor College ran a Lantern building workshop, delivered to the teachers from 5 participating schools in Dover district. Simon Everett and Petra Matthews-Crow led the workshop which was designed to upskill teachers and Arts Award students, who will pass on the skills to younger students. Loren Beven and Katryn Saqui from Underground Pearl, an Arts Company anchored in Deal, were also present. This company are overseeing the delivery of what will be an early evening procession at the end of March involving Dover Rowing Club, Astor College’s Dance, Music and Drama students and students from the participating schools. The lanterns made in the schools in the weeks preceding the procession will be lit, and the story behind the procession will be narrated and acted out through song and dance by students from Astor College. The rowing club will act out the rescue of the ghost ship ‘Lady Lovibond’.

Jon Iveson, Lead Curator at Dover Museum, has agreed to the procession ending at Dover Museum and will unveil a plaque to celebrate this aspect of the project, to be displayed at the Museum. Astor College Year 8 students will make a number of boat lanterns which will be displayed in the Bronze Age Boat gallery.


  • I found the workshop really helpful and as a newcomer to the project I would like to say thanks to everyone who made us feel so welcome. I am looking forward to the challenge of making the lanterns with year 3, but am grateful that I have a good amount of time to make them.
    We are really looking forward to the story afternoon and making boats as well as the procession. (Debra Berbiers)

Photos by Katryn Saqui