Fan Bay Shelter and the 1917 and 1920’s Sound mirrors

Chalk Up

Gareth Wiltshire, from the National Trust, invited Clare and Joanna to view the Fan Bay Shelter and the 2 Sound mirrors that they have been uncovering with an eye to DAD developing a project there over the last days in July and first days in August 2015.

It was a beautiful late autumn day as we set off from  the National Trust visitors centre with Malene Sheppard Skaerved who, with Peter Sheppard Skaerved, has walked hundreds of miles researching for Peter’s DMAG Code name Joined up project contribution Channel Firing on the DMAG Code name Joined up Dover Museum page.

We passed volunteers at work on the up on the downs project to re-establish the chalk downs and their specific flora and fauna on a piece of ground recently aquired by the National Trust along with the land where the Fan Bay Shelter has been excavated.

On arrival, we were taken down past the digger to the recently unearthed sound mirrors. In the 1970’s they had been filled in along with any other reminder of war along the white cliffs. As we arrived Jon Barker and a group of passionale volunteers and a digger driver, who could use the claw hand like delicate fingers, were discovering a door they did not know was there leading into the Fan Bay Shelter!

The excitement and enthusiastic team work was wonderful to behold.

The mirrors, almost completely intact, are glorious sculptural objects with the added wonder of their amplification properties when you make sound in a specific position  and feel the resonance vibrate through you.

As if that wasn’t enough, we then went into the  labyrinth of tunnels that make up Fan Bay Shelter and discovered their treasures.