Ewan Golder

What Next?


My lockdown activity was editing my short film called The Devil’s Breath during residence at the Cité des arts in Paris which I shot in Lille in February shortly before lockdown.

I also contributed to a collaborative film ‘Exquisite Corpse’ coordinated by Sapphire Goss in which many confined artists responded to being obliged to stay at home.  

I was trying to develop the habit of writing regularly, and contributed a short short story to an independent anthology called Under The Veil. https://kylerodriguez.bigcartel.com/product/under-the-veil

The Devils Breath short synopsis:

The Devils Breath / Le Soufle De Satan is an anarchic-absurdist tragi-comedy. Two characters live out their boring monotonous lives on the edge of existence until one day they die a ridiculous death.

We meet them in a post-industrial, post soviet, post-apocalyptic, dystopian landscape. Perhaps we are in hell? We hear a moaning wind and distant machinery groaning and grinding away in pain and perhaps even the odd scream.

This is Vald and Igors world. A world of cold, hunger and endless boredom. Perhaps we are in Limbo, some kind of purgatory but to Igor and Vlad this world is their daily grind, a fight for survival, but for what purpose? Perhaps the endless days pass by uneventfully, identical; except that this day, naturally, will be slightly different.