Diane Mae Bundy

What Next?


Into the new

In March life was as normal. I was busy with work at my agency, my son was at school, my husband had the rest of the year booked with live gigs. Then lockdown happened and like the rest of the UK we were hugely affected.

My business which I have enjoyed for the last 15 years, vanished before my eyes; a calendar of events all cancelled. My son’s school closed; over night my husband and I were teachers.

We watched and observed our son, got to know him in a new way. His shoulders relaxed and his curiosity opened. He was happier than he had been in a while and was accessing all the learning we were given from school with little fuss. We walked in the woods while he made up poetry, he painted, he wrote songs on the piano, he played; he showed us what he was interested in.

We made a decision to remove him from mainstream education. He now attends the East Kent Sudbury School, a self directed, democratic school where the students are free to follow their interests to satisfy their own thirst for knowledge.

Life feels different. Our relationship with our son feels different. I have gone back to study; after becoming a systemic practitioner in 2006 I went on to complete the training to become an associate teacher for the CSC

I have also completed level 2 in Counselling Concepts and have commenced my Counselling Certificate course. This time has allowed me to move more fully into my systemic practitioner self. Working in one-to-one sessions there are ways to connect with this beautiful work even in lockdown.