Emily Tull

What Next?


At the start of it all I was in the middle of working on a portrait, and it was a struggle for me mentally to complete, my brain became very foggy (I guess to information overload). It got to the point where I couldn’t remember how I make my work; I completed the work but it didn’t feel like it was me. I wanted to convey this feeling of fog and that was the next struggle, I did lots of sketching trying to symbolise it and it wasn’t until I worked on the title with a play on words that there was a breakthrough.

The final piece is a fragmented self-portrait with black feathers titled ‘Corvid 19 – bird brain’, with a black area of fabric which is not only my hair outline but also representing the darkness in my brain. 

It is only now that I feel ready to go back to the portrait, I was working on at the start of lockdown, and I will rework it as I can think more clearly to how I work, how it looks has really been a niggle.

But this portrait has also gained a secondary meaning: ‘Moth Eaten’ was originally about human effects on moths. Now, with wildlife thriving during the start of lockdown it has a feeling of the moths taking back space.

Before I work on the portrait, I have created 3 mini artworks connected to it, the series is called ‘Reuse, Renew, Relearn’ and contains the Tiger Moth species, these pieces for me are about these last 17 weeks. How so much has happened and yet so little, but how we cope physically, mentally and come out of lockdown.