Drawing at the Pines Calyx


This has inspired me to go away and do more. (participant feedback)

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday, it was so good to be working out in the open. (participant feedback)

it was a beautiful day. (participant feedback)

On Monday 11 June 2018 Marcia Teusink delivered the penultimate CHALKUP21 drawing workshop in the Pines gardens in St Margaret’s Bay, within which the Pines Calyx sits.

Charles Holland: “The Pines Calyx has been described as ‘hobbit-like’ and its curved white form sits snugly into the steep topography of St. Margaret’s Bay. It is composed of two intersecting circles, one set lower than the other and covered by a grass roof that steps between them. From some angles the building is barely there.

It has been constructed from rammed chalk or ‘clunch’ dug from the site on which it sits and this material forms the surface both inside and out. With its curving white walls topped with wild grass, it can be read as a built version of the landscape in which it sits.”

In the morning, participants created drawings based on close observation of the many plants in the gardens and in the afternoon, taking inspiration from Chinese ink paintings and how they deal with space, detail and size depending on what they are seeking to convey, worked in ink on rice paper to explore the wider context of the Pines Calyx and the Pines garden.