DAD RADIO #16 | sounds across the seas


Island Forms meets Stockholm

For the first guest takeover episode of DAD RADIO, artists Edda Salander-Jones and Dominic de Vere have collaborated to present a new audio work that takes listeners on a journey of sounds across the seas.

Edda and Dominic’s piece includes field recordings from the waters around the islands of Nämdö and Harö in the Baltic Sea of the Stockholm Archipelago, Arnis on the Schlei Fjord in Schleswig-Holstein, Skeppsholmen Island in Stockholm, Knäberg in Sweden’s Värmland County, the remote British Island of Saint Helena, the Cape Peninsula in South Africa, Polzeath beach in Cornwall and a ship moving slowly through the South Atlantic Ocean.

“We are delighted to bring sounds together from our journeys on and around the world’s seas for your listening pleasure. An internal and external sonic expedition we created in August 2021, collaborating across the North Sea between Devon and Schleswig-Holstein.”

Dominic de Vere is a visual artist based in Devon. He has worked extensively with Dover Arts Development, writing and editing Watermark, a feature length documentary with filmmaker Marianne Kapfer in 2012. In 2013 he was one of six commissioned artists as part of their War & Peace programme. He is currently directing his first feature film, a documentary set on Saint Helena.

Edda Salander-Jones is an artist and graphic designer. She has been with DAD from the beginning and is responsible for its strong visual branding and graphic design. Before her move into publishing, PR and graphic design, she worked for 12 years as a breakfast show and news radio-presenter in Berlin (for Kiss FM and MDR Sputnik).

Produced for the DAD Digital Festival 2021 at, funded by Arts Council England. First broadcast on Dover Community Radio (DCR FM) on Fri 27th August 2021.