Chalkup21 special edition small fortunes to be launched at the Dover Regatta


As part of the CHALKUP21 project, DAD is mentoring the young ceramicist Frazer Doyle. The  last update on his process of developing a CHALKUP21 souvenir was in March 2018 and now 4 months later the CHALKUP21 special edition small fortunes are in their last stages of preparation ready to be presented to the public at this years Dover Regatta on Sunday August 26th*.

To unveil his CHALKUP21 collection at the Regatta is fitting as it takes place on the Dover Sea Front that is home to three of the nine CHALKUP21 21st Century Art and Architecture structures that make up the CHALKUP21 trail. They are the Dover Sea Sports Centre, the North Downs Way START/FINISH line and the Three Waves.

So very exciting to see today how Frazer has developed his CHALKUP21 souvenir  from the early first conversations in May 2017 to the confident concept he presented today.  DAD

I am excited to launch my special edition CHALKUP21 small fortunes at the Dover Regatta and also promote them through my ‘free Art on the trail’ idea over the next few months. Frazer Doyle


*Unfortunately we were rained off the Dover Regatta after a couple of hours. Frazer’s small fortunes souvenir was eventually launched at the Structures on the Edge Event at the Samphire Hoe Education Shelter on September 23rd and again at the Architecture-on-Sea event at the Deal Pier Cafe on September 29th 2018