Artsmark workshops

Schools and arts award

DAD was commissioned by to deliver a series of workshops for Dover District Schools that registered for Artsmark. The brief was to deliver a creative, experiential process and to consult with pupils and inform the cultural strand of the forthcoming Inspire programme (Pass the Passion Legacy). The practitioners delivering the workshops were Anne Muddiman, Greg Stobbs and Diane Mae Bundy, supported by Charley Vines, Jack Coulson and Miles Umney.

Vibrant! Is the key word that I would use to describe the DAD Artsmark workshops that we facilitated in Dover district schools during March 2013. Although bitterly cold and somewhat grey outside, new artistic activities and creative ideas were burgeoning forth in the workshops. This was as a collaborative project using specialist practioners and mixing our mediums; provided something fresh and new for everyone. Focusing on sound, voice, movement, drama and drawing, we explored creative ideas.

Using the body individually, and en mass, we created sea monsters, snow stars, creatures with many arms, legs and heads and we danced freely. We had storytelling created and told by ‘dogs on the street’. There were objects that had a secret to be told, a voice orchestra, art tagging and truly original drawings! Many of the children had not used charcoal before, but to then rub out their works of art out and draw something new, (as was the instruction) gave them the freedom of letting go and the trust of allowing something new to emerge; a truly creative experience! Lots of fun was had too and there was a creative ‘buzz’ generated by the excitement and engagement felt when exploring artistic ideas and challenges. The teachers were brilliant in their reception of our work, many joined in the activities and helped to create the sense of freedom and safety that allowed the children to feel comfortable to imagine, explore and create. Our aim was to facilitate a variety of creative experiences for the children and teenagers and provide a platform for inclusive consultation with the young people on future arts projects.” (Anne Muddiman)

Photos copyright Charley Vines and Jack Coulson

Video by Miles Umney

Feedback on Miles’ film:

  • What wonderful footage, A beautiful reminder of such an enriching project.” (Diane Mae bundy)
  • That is a pure brilliant video. Really well thought out, shot and edited in a way that captures the feel of what was one of my favourite school experiences. Well done to Miles.” (Greg Stobbs)
  • Miles has captured such special moments and that’s what it’s all about…..being in the moment….love it!” (Anne Muddiman)