Artists’ films in the Grand Shaft

Cultural Olympiad 2010

We had around 60 visitors to the film screenings in the Grand Shaft. The event was part of Open Weekend and was also filmed as part of DAD’s uScreen filmmaking workshop. Greg McKenzie also interviewed the artists for Dover Community Radio.

Selection of visitors’ comments:

“I thought the Grand Shaft was an inspired choice for the films to be shown and particularly liked the acoustics and the way the deteriorating painted wall showed through the films…almost like Dover was leaving an imprint of its own on their work.” (Maxeen)

“Myself and my family enjoyed ourselves at The Grand Shaft on Saturday. had never been there before – a fantastic place for an exhibition of work!” (Steve)

“Love the way the Supermen music works so well with the fish … fabulous”

“Surreal experience of film and sound in a shaft, old military scene. The echo is amazing. Spooky and adds to the experience!” (Korinna)

“Excellent venue + very intriguing films” (Peter)

Photos by Joanna, Clare and Mars Kaliszewski.