Cultural Olympiad 2010

DAD has been awarded funding to run two events as part of Dover’s Cultural Olympiad Open Weekend programme over the weekend of 24 and 25 July 2010: a film screening event in Dover’s Grand Shaft from 1pm – 6pm on Saturday 24 July and from 1pm – 5pm on Sunday 25 July and a filmmaking workshop for young filmmakers.

Entrance to the Grand Shaft is from Snargate Street CT17 9DA or from South Military Road (Western Heights).

DAD will be screening Supermen II by Forign Investmentand Revisit by Kathy Kenny with Ron den Dass. The film screening programme is funded by Dover District Council and is part of Open Weekend 2010.

24 men – Supermen II (2 mins. 30 secs, looped) is about the most explosive material, our brain, a soft organ set apart from all the organs on top of a mostly vertically held body and encased in a hard bony shell. The work deals not only with the ordinary and extraordinary powers of this solitary organ but also the context in which it works: a suicide bomber does not need instructions to set one foot before the other, He is instructed in a choreography of events animated by belief. The film is the third step of a three-step process of realisations: first the written concept, second a live performance; and third the film.

Revisit (min. 30 secs, looped): wild salmon travel from watersheds of the world to oceans where they complete ancient migratory patterns, often lasting up to four years, only to return to their place of origin where they finally spawn. ‘Revisit’ artists Kathy Kenny and Ron den Daas use cutting edge technology and classical painting techniques to invite the viewer to ponder the spirit of this ancient journey and the consequences of its collapse.

The filmmakers will be present from 2-4pm on Saturday 24 July.

The filmmaking workshop will take place at KETV Syudioss in Dover and is aimed at aspiring young disabled filmmakers aged between 14 and 26. Participants will create a short 3-minute film over the weekend and the films produced will be shown on the BBC LOCOG Big Screen in Dover and will also be uploaded to the new uScreen gateway. uScreen is a new local, regional and global gateway for young deaf and disabled alongside non-disabled young people from the South East to share their stories and ideas through Screen Media.

The workshops are part of the uScreens Accentuate programme and the project has been enabled by Screen South, uScreen, Accentuate and the RIFE lottery funding programme, with additional support from Dover District Council.

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