Alma Tischler Wood wins North Downs Way End-of-Trail Marker commission

End of Trail Marker

On June 28th 2010 Dover Arts Development (DAD) announced that a British artist – Alma Tischler Wood has been commisioned for the North Downs Way End-of-Trail Marker. The 12-person jury were particularly impressed by Tischler Wood’s sense of purposeful playfulness.

She told us “You have to strike a balance between lively innovation and maintaining the traditions of the locality”.

Her final design has now been agreed with the commissioners, the North Downs Way National Trail and Natural England, and although the original proposal has been modified in response to the constraints of the actual site, it retains much of its original playfulness and should appeal to local residents of all ages and visitors to the area.

The final concept includes an 8-metre long black granite “start/finish” line and a cast iron 1.2-metre diameter plaque with symbols representing the Trail. Both elements will be positioned at the eastern end of the Esplanade near the existing swimmers statue by Ray Smith (1995).

Work on the Esplanade is currently under way and we will update you with news of the launch.

The top image shows Alma Tischler Wood with Anthony Gowers (NDW Trail Oficer), Teresa Trussel (KCC), Jane Sevenoaks (Natural England) and Duncan Kramer at the End-of-Trail Marker site in Dover. The other images show the casting of the plaque.