100 people joined DAD to celebrate Chinese New Year

Sea & Walk

At least 100 people joined DAD on the Sea Front by the North Downs Marker to celebrate the start of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

Mulled wine was provided courtesy of the Royal Cinque Port Yacht Club who generously allowed participants and audience to use the bar after the event. Zhan Lu Smith fried some spring rolls, which were much appreciated by those who managed to get one! We hadn’t expected such a big turn out.

Events included a reading by Zhan Lu Smith, poetry by Untidy Barry, a performance by Alma Tischler Wood, music by China Crisis guitarist Colin Hinds together with Mick Morris, a reading of Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach by Roy Boyd, a Social Networking Sculpture by Mark John Smith, and a Fire Poi performance by Ivan Cleak. Unfortunately, we were unable to release the Sky Lanterns as it was too windy. You can watch a video of Ivan’s performance here.