Bunting Forever

When the Olympic Torch passed through Dover on 18 July 2012 it was welcomed by 2,000 metres of handcrafted woolly bunting dressing the town. The individuality of the flags is something that strikes everyone who sees them and the effect has been described as “utterly fabulous,” “marvellous,” “terrific” …

The bunting stayed up for over a month in 2012 and then was in storage with DAD. The Bunting came out of its bags was washed and cared for to be shown again in the Kearsney Parks and most recently last year it was used at the former Dover Marine Station for The Marlow’s WW1 2018 Centenary production ‘Return of the Unknown’.

Over 400 people were involved in the bunting and pom pom making for the Olympic Arch now in Dover Library, using donated leftover balls of wool and felt sourced from unwanted blankets and jumpers.: craftmakers in Dover, as well as school pupils and young people, with generous contributions from Maidstone, Slough, Milton Keynes, Beijing, Cape Town, Venice and Brisbane.

We thought there were many more advantages in hand-crafting woollen and felt bunting, and inviting members of the public to take the time to knit or crochet each pennant themselves. This way people can feel they have made a personal contribution when the Olympic torch comes” explains Julie Bishop who lead the bunting making workshops from the beginning of the project and whose enthusiasm and craft skills were key to the success of the original Bunting Forever project “We can involve everyone who wants as it’s a very accessible method, and each pennant is a different design, reflecting the character of the person who put the time into making it”.

Interviews with Julie Bishop:
Julie Bishop interviewed by Hugh Kermode: watch here


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Bunting for the Kearsney Parks

About 150 parents, grandparents and their children spent some valuable making time together embellishing a few lengths of Dover's woolly bunting.

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Canterbury Culture Awards 2013

Bunting Forever was shortlisted for the Canterbury Culture Awards 2013. We were one of three to be shortlisted in the Excellence category from entries across the South East Region, and [...]