Ian Bride

Ian’s creative practice has been inspired by a critical engagement born of many years as an interdisciplinary academic/practitioner working in the fields of biodiversity conservation, environmental education, and anthropology; a journey that took him to Mexico, Borneo and India on community-based conservation projects focusing on human livelihoods and capacity-building. After the experience of being an Associate Artist at Open School East in 2018, he took early retirement at the end of 2020 to pursue his creative bent. Now, he is primarily interested in exploring human/nature discourses through a narrative practice that engages with objects (natural and human-made), representation, and a range of processes. As well as being a qualified cabinet-maker and teacher of traditional woodland crafts, he is comfortable experimenting with almost any materials and ways of making; and he would relish the opportunity to work with like-minded people on materialising creative ideas through experiential learning using a wide variety of tools and techniques.