Young people’s feedback

DAD4DADs Six ways to well being

We have had some wonderful feedback from the young people involved in the DAD4DADs 6 Ways 2 Wellbeing project. Here is what they said in relation to the 6 Ways:

Take notice: many of the young people attended the Jasmin Vardimon production of PARK at the Marlowe theatre

  • I really enjoyed Park. It was a good experience for me because I learned a lot from it – expression – dance – techniques – and the story. I understand the story of Park – It was about a witch that out spells on the men in the park.
  • The day after we went to the Marlowe theatre we had an amazing chance to do two workshops reflecting on the six ways to wellbeing. One of the workshops that I attended was the dance workshop. We had one of the proffechinal dancers from the show that we watched (Luke Burrough) to come in and teach us a small part of the choreography from the production Park. We also had a chance to choreograph are own dance or sequences reflecting on are dad or a fatherly figure It was a chance to express are feelings about aer dad (hate, love … (etc)). We learnt not to be shy and show people what you can do.
  • Before the show, I wasn’t sure why it’s called “Park” but once the show began, it was very clear as to why it’s called that.
  • We performed a dance from Park. I really enjoyed performing the dance. Luke told us to make our won dance up based on our fathers, I performed my dance to the other girls andboys I think they liked it.
  • Going to Park was a good experience as we got to watch an amazing production.

Give: The workshops gave the young people an opportunity to perform for the others in the group …

  • I got up and did a little dance and I think it helped me think about me and my dad.

Keep Learning: They learnt new skills …

  • We got to make our own instrument and learnt how to use our voice or objects around us.
  • I had poetry & art … I enjoyed both so much but I liked poetry the most …. I loved the day and it was a sensational experience that I’ll never forget.

Keep Active:

  • We learnt different styles and moves of dance, our favourite style was contempry because it was so calm and piecefull with the music and also we had to show our made up contempary dance to the people that was in the workshop.
  • At DAD4DADs day I thought it was something different…. As the theme was a male role model he (Luke) tried to make us express our feelings in dance to how our relationship was with our father. I got up and did a little dance and I think it helped me think about me and my dad.


  • I had fun learning new things and meeting new people and making more friends.
  • … We also sat in a circle and spoke of are fatherly figure. the leader of this group was called greg stobbs and he was amazing
  • It was fun to express ourselves and how we felt through poetry but the funnest part was to hear everyone else’s poems.

Care for the planet: …and made musical instruments from cardboard

  • The second workshop was music with Richard bundy where we made any musical instrument that we wanted out of a thick cardboard tube. I made a digerido and then tried it out and it worked and that is the day I will never forget.