What a great night


The Buckland Mill Reunion Party took place on 23 July at Club dover, the former DHB sports and social club. Around 200 people attended, 50 of whom arrived by open top bus which picked people up from 11 stops around Dover. DAD had arranged some surprises for the evening: a performance by the L.A. Music Club of the specially commissioned Watermark song composed by Bert Osborne and arranged by Richard Bundy.

Marianne Kapfer, the film’s director, Dominic De Vere, her assistant, and Jamie Jenkinson prepared a 13-minute trailer to give the former employees, many of whom have contributed to the film, an idea of the film to come which is planned for spring 2011. A Reunion Band “the Raghouse band” performed a list of popular songs from the 60s. The band included Tick Brown himself a former Buckland Mill employee, on guitar, whose entry on stage was greeted with a round of enthusiastic applause. Also in the band were Mick Rogers vocals, Mick Morris guitar, Nigel Baldwin bass Tosh Marshall drums, Bert Osborne guitar/vocals, and Richard Bundy on keys accompanying Bert Osborne singing his version of the Watermark song.

For many of the guests, it was the first time they had seen each other for as many as 50 years. That they all enjoyed themselves is reflected in the following comments:

“a wonderful time was had by everyone, they will be talking about it for a long time to come and wanting to keep in touch”

“It was good to see old faces and I thoroughly enjoyed the film trailer”

“It brought back a lot of memories and we were brought together with lots of friends who we haven’t seen for years”

“I never thought that we would ever all be together again”

DAD would like to thank everyone who helped make this event such a success.

Photos by Marley Showler