Wellbeing Champions. DAD4DADs Practitioners and arts award candidates go to PARK

Schools and arts award

Some of the Wellbeing Champions and arts ward candidates went with their fathers, significant male figure,  to the Jasmin Vardimon production of PARK at the Marlowe Theatre.

The DAD4DADs project team and teachers from the participating schools also went to the performance

Some comments:

“The park could be anywhere.  The people in the park live out their relationships before us.  The brilliance of the dancers and choreography makes PARK extraordinary: joyful, exilarating and disturbing, raising many questions about private and public space within the urban enviroment as well as within ourselves.”

This newly reworked performance of PARK gave us an exhilarating and provocative performance bringing together theatre and dance to tell a many-layered shifting story of a group of characters in an urban park: young lovers, a bag lady, a busker, a bully, a developer … all of whom come under the spell of the mermaid temptress . 

@DoverArts An interesting, if somewhat baffling, evening at the Marlowe with April, May and Morena wellbeing champions last night. Thankyou

I loved every second of it, edgy and expressive in a language that only dance can find. Amazing!

Taking students and artists to PARK at the start of the Project was a beautiful way to touch upon aspects of personnal history. It spun me out to the point I had to go home. Like a surreal dream, or a weird trip – I couldn’t sleep for ages.

Well done @JVCompany for an inspiring production of PARK. We loved it.

” PARK was an amazing beginning of what seems to be a somewhat, different and provocative project…thank you for letting me be part of it!”