wellbeing champion : nicola Dunsbee

DAD4DADs Six ways to well being

“I’m Nicola Dunsbee and I try to fulfil the aspects of wellbeing in my everyday life. I engage with women of all ages thanks to my involvement with feminist poetry events in Folkestone, and through these events I express my passion to the public. My practice of art, like that of my poetry, helps me engage; I often make pencil and paint studies of my family, of the work of other artists and of the places I visit. For these studies, I create my own paper from old newspaper and scrap paper, sometimes incorporating fallen flower petals or other natural aspects, to bring me closer to my environment. Another passion of mine is reading. Outside of school, I love to read about philosophy, psychology, physics, poetry, plays and art history. You will often find me sitting on the beach after a morning run, curled up with a book amongst the pebbles!  “