“Walking in my sisters’ footsteps”: DAD Send off


To send the walkers taking part in “Walking in my sisters’ footsteps” on their way, Clare and Joanna performed a Send Off from Shakespeare beach, at the end of which is Shakespeare Cliff, so named because it is the cliff that Edmund descibes to his step father, the blind Earl of Gloucester, in the play King Lear.

The performance linked the domestic and political tragedy that unfolds in the play to the angel of domestic repression killed by Virginia Woolf’s ink pot – which led her to question “what is woman?” (without that ink pot) – and then to the battlefield angels of Mons in Patricia McCarthy’s poem, Virginia Woolf’s Angels 1919.

The walkers set off for Folkestone with a sustenance for both body and mind in the form of a DAD-stamped paper bag containing a Pink Lady apple, water from a volcanic source and a quote from McCarthy’s poem.

The event was part of the curated Folkestone Fringe 2014 programme of the Folkestone Triennial.