transmission and heritage


On 7 November, Espace 36 hosted a university seminar on the theme of transmission and heritage for MA students in cultural mediation. The word transmettre in French is associated immediately with heritage and the passing on of one’s estate, whereas in English transmit is associated more readily with the transmitting of messages electronically or otherwise as in radio and television transmissions. Transmit does though also mean to convey to another as in to pass on an inheritance and it was around this sense of the word that the debate and discussions took place.

The day started with a tour of the transmettre-transmit exhibition in the former Jesuit Chapel, led by David Lepoutre and Caroline Vieillard, and reflections on how the artists have interpreted the theme – transmission of myths, form, emotions, gestures, genes, community memories, images … Sylvain Lainé gave a very interesting talk about his own work and his ideas about the way in which objects keep their form.

The seminar itself took place at Espace 36 and started with a presentation by Espace  36  and DAD about how they have been working together. Christiane Vollaire then talked about the importance of thinking about heritage using a non-biological model, for to define heritage in terms of genes and biology leads ultimately to ethnic cleansing. Sophie Barrere followed with a talk about notions of heritage in France and in particular changing ideas about how to instil a knowledge of that heritage; it is no longer acceptable as it was in Malraux’s time to allow people simply to experience the “shock of encountering their heritage”. Hilde Teerlinck talked about the FRAC and her plans to develop and widen the scope of its activities in the Nord – Pas de Calais and she also presented an exhibition, Shadows in Paradise, in which contemporary art was installed in memorial sites connected with the two World Wars, in France, Belgium and England (Dover Castle and Ramsgate Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum). The day was rounded off with a discussion about the role of cultural mediation and how the MA students present will fulfil that role on completing their studies. French report and photos:  seminaire-espace36.pdf