Transmit: interreg conference


On 15 May, DAD organised an interreg conference for visual artists. The speakers were Steve Samson, Christine Gist, Clare Smith, Benoit Warzee and Dave Reeves. speaker-topics-bios.pdf  welcome-pack.pdf

The day was well attended (37 people) and generally went well despite the lack of hot drinks, for which apologies.

Interreg IV looks as if it is going to be even more complicated than Interreg III and after having said how helpful everyone at GOSE was and how excellent the individual interreg officers have been, it was rather a shock for everyone to learn that there will only be one interreg officer for the whole of the UK in future. Other concerns with the new programme relate to the speed of claim payments since managing funding in arrears is a major difficulty for small organisations. However, at least it will still be possible to go for microprojects as a way of cutting one’s teeth on the new programme.