The construction of Alice continues and passers by are commenting

Kearsney Interpreted

While Alma Tischlerwoods ALICE sculpture, intended as a social and sensory place for those using the parks, has been taking shape, Alma and Rob and their 2 volunteer helpers have been speaking to dozens of curious park users every week.

Here are some of the  comments :

A man,
Amazing craftmenship, how long did it take you to form the basic structure ?

A child,
What are you doing ? Is it going to be a sandpit ?

Four individual ladies on different days,
I remember as a child with my school seeing the Midsummer Nights Dream here, I’ll never forget it

 A couple,
It’s a great idea, when is it ready ?

Dog walkers,
We can’t wait to sit here – Thank you

What is this for ? ah very good idea

 Two men
Ah good to hear that you used only timber from the trees in the park , that’s very good rather than just cutting them down

 A man
You are doing a very good job, well done, nice talking to you

 Another man,
A good memory for the trees that are gone 100 years ago and new ones have grown, a nice on going circle.

 A woman,
Very good use of the cut down trees

 Another woman,
The park is nice as it is they are chopping too many trees

 A couple,
Are you putting a hot water tub in? you should put a roof over it

 A man,
With so much wood around, why isn’t there a local wood workshop ?
People would love it. I went to a fantastic one 50 miles away it was really good.
Would you have a large piece I can make a table out of ?

 A woman,
Very nice view from here, can’t wait to sit here, good that wheelchairs can go on it
At least a good use of the cut down trees

 A couple
Finally there is something happening here