TECHNE NPIF Training Programme Annual Partnership Review

The DAD Urban Room

Dr. Catherine Palmer and Kristin O’Donnell came from University of Brighton, East Sussex, for the TECHNE NPIF training programme annual partnership review between DAD and Kristin.

We started off with a delicious lunch with contributions by everyone:

It was an absolute delight to have lunch with you all.  Joanna, thank you for hosting us in the beautiful urban room. (Kristin O’ Donnell)

Kristin has refocused her area of research and has identified four case studies relating to World War 1 to focus on and that she sees as “mobile monuments” and new kinds of memorial. One of these is Return of the Unknown the early stages of which DAD was involved in and which is being presented by The Marlowe Theatre at Dover Marine Station from 8-11 November 2018.

We discussed the use of the term performance, the idea of performing culture and why people go to events and places.

We also discussed aspects of the partnership and the way in which a partnership between a PhD student and an organisation opens people up to new ideas.

For Kristin, my partnership with DAD through the National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) has provided me with incredibly valuable insight into the creative sector and the work that goes into negotiating collaborative partnerships between arts organisations, local government, businesses, the educational sector and the local volunteers necessary to make incredible creative projects happen.  Clare and Joanna have provided invaluable support and mentoring over the past year, providing space for discussion, facilitating placements in local schools, and helping me arrange experience working with creative individuals on site specific events which would have been nearly impossible to negotiate myself. These experiences have not only benefited my research and allowed me to think about my project in creative ways, but have also allowed me to use my skills to benefit various groups in the local community. I want to thank DAD for their support and mentoring over the past year and I look forward to carrying on our partnership over the next few years of my research.

For Cathy, Kristin’s partnership with DAD has highlighted the real benefits of the TECHNE NPIF scheme, which enables PhD students, their supervisors and organisations from the creative  sector  to work collaborative on a project designed to bring real benefits to all parties involved.  In sharing their values,  experience and insight with Kristin DAD have provided tremendous support and advice that has helped to shape Kristin’s thinking and develop her knowledge and skills. We are extremely grateful to DAD for the time they devote to Kristin and to the NPIF scheme in general. They also make great coffee!

For DAD the partnership is a fabulous opportunity to support  Kristin with her PhD, discuss ideas and gain an insight into her research. We are also very pleased with the skills  Kristin has brought to the projects DAD has introduced her to.