Story shop attracts nearly 50 visitors


The Buckland Mill story shop opened on Tuesday 16 March. We were all a little nervous about how many people would actually come in, even though we had scheduled several interviews in advance. As it turned out our fears were unfounded; little by little as news spread we had more and more visitors coming in to be interviewed; people also came in with fascinating photographs and other documents for scanning, and some some great cinefilm has also turned up. In all over 30 interviews were filmed and recorded and we had about 50 visitors, with some visitors coming in every day to catch up with workmates they hadn’t seen for years. In all we now have about 40 hours of interview footage.

6 students from UCA took part in the story shop acting as camera assistants, sound assistants and scanner operators, stepping into their roles with increasing confidence as the week went on and improving their skills. They were also involved in welcoming and talking to the former Mill employees who came into the shop. As well as helping with the filmmaking process, they also had time to develop their own work, which will be programmed as content on the BBC LOCOG Big Screen.

UCA generously lent us loads of equipment – extra cameras, lighting, a still camera, microphones, a scanner – without which we would have been a bit stuck. Joe Love, our intern, lent us the TV, which we used to show Roy Buddle’s film “A job for Life” which shows the Mill’s last days.

Marianne also has an assistant now, who will help with location shoots, raw cuts and editing.