Ruchia Bundy : wellbeing champion

DAD4DADs Six ways to well being

‘Little kids shoot marbles, as branches break the sun into graceful shafts of light. I just want to be pure’ – Jim Carrol.
“Hello, my name is Ruchia Bundy and I am fourteen years old. I have a great interest in most of the arts, including music and performance, poetry and art. Some of my favored poets are Sylvia Path and Jim Carrol, both very different and both vastly intelligent; I aspire to be able to convey my thought processes onto paper as they do, in the form of free art as well as literature. I’m not completely certain what I would like to be when I’m older, though I am frequently asked the question, however I am aware that I want a career I have chosen because I enjoy, as I believe that you are either making your dream, or helping someone else make theirs. Some of the most important people in my life are my family and friends, especially my little brother and sister and my best friend, who is always ready to create a new memory to look back on. I could never ask for better company in my life than those who surround me; they have bought me up in a world of art and expression, and I am very thankful for every opportunity they have bestowed upon me.
I hope to offer my best to this project and I am very excited to be participating in it, I feel very fortunate for this experience; thank you.”