Roy Smith

What Next?


I’ve spent a lot of time in queues lately and this has given me plenty of opportunity to readdress the way that I produce art. In fact, this has been very liberating, as well as informative. I feel that the constraints that I have forced upon myself, as an artist, have dissipated. I have decided to make what I want and not be concerned with some over-arching theory. I am determined to enjoy the act of making, whatever form that may take. If life gives you lemons, then make lemon art. I’m using an iPhone 5s, Brushes Redux app. All of this has been drawn on a small screen with my finger. Accuracy goes out the window but spontaneity rushes in. The queues are getting faster and so I have to draw faster. A line becomes gestural, you have to look for the essence and this is never a bad idea.