Return of the Unknown phase 2 is underway

Return of the Unknown

Phase 2 of the Return of the Unknown project got under way on Saturday February 24th 2018 with a ‘challenge’ day in the Constables Tower at Dover Castle for the participants and writers involved in phase 1, across all the five towns: Dover, Canterbury, Birchington, Faversham and Ashford.

The purpose of the day is to explore the ideas and issues that you discovered and highlighted in your plays in Phase 1 of the project. (We will have access to all of the Fortress Dover resources on that day). We want to research these ideas further and to consider how they might be represented in the final play we create for the Dover Marine Station performances from 8/11/2018 – 11/11/2018. Andrew Dawson and James Baldwin the writer for this play will be at the day – so the work we do on 24/2 will be key to shaping the play James creates. Fiona Banks Producer.

The day started with Professor Mark Connelly and Helen Brooks from the WW1 Gateways project at the University of Kent and continued after lunch with  practical sessions with James to explore which stories he might tell and how he might tell them. Themes included shame, localism, nationalism, the intangible, protect, how we might remember in the future.

James asked everyone at the end to sum up their feeling for the project going forward in one word: EXCITING, HOPEFUL, INSPIRING, WORLDWARONELY