Pysren & the Vampire


Christian Ventasakamy won an Art 31 Kent award, open to young people based in Kent and Medway aged 13 to 25, in June 2017, thanks to a nomination by DAD.

Christian has used the ART31 Kent award to fund a documentary film with Chevonne Lane about the Clarendon area of Dover where they both live; the film also documents the process of producing the rap song and music video brought together in the video, PYSREN AND THE VAMPIRE, which they previewed at the Dover Studio Collective space in Astley Avenue to a group of colleagues on Saturday June 8th 2019 to much acclaim.

I was so glad I got the chance to see the preview of the film.
You’ve done a fantastic job.
Let us know what happens with it next!

It was lovely to see you all last night, the film was excellent, I hope a lot of people get to see it.

Really like the balance of black and white and colour as well as the balance and flow between the documentary and the music video. Congratulations!

Christian met Chevonne Lane at the Dover Studio Collective Christmas show in 2017 and they were both subsequently part of the DAD Freshart project.

DAD  nominated Christian Ventasakamy for the award because of the hurdles he  overcame to get to where he is now, taking his illustration skills forward and connecting with new people. He was introduced to DAD in 2012 by Ron Wright (a key protagonist in DAD’s feature documentary, Watermark), who thought he was creative but needed some guidance/opportunities!

The film was included in the 2019 51 Zero Festival at UCA Canterbury