Nonsense poetry workshop with Underground Pearl

Nautical Threads

Kati Saqui and Loren Beven delivered a very successful workshop at Astor College for the Arts on 13 May 2014.

“I really enjoyed our workshop today, it was such fun. We decided to focus on the performative nonsense poems, and they really embraced it. They got up and walked around each other and interacted with each other.

One boy decided to read his poem backwards! and a couple performed each others poems.

I spent quite a bit of time one to one with a pupil who wasn’t able to read, and lacked confidence…

At the end of the class when all the children had left, he performed an Eminem nonsense rap to the teachers (who had to have their backs to him while he performed) and was awarded with his first commendation certificate for his fab performance! The teacher said that the usually sits at the back of the class and does nothing.

We got lots of good feedback from the teacher and the children, the boy who read out his poem backwards signed his signature backwards on his feedback sheet! …” (Kati Saqui)

Teacher Feedback:

“It’s great that some of them have had one to one time to bring out hidden talent.

  • learned how to collaborate
  • layering things
  • learnt new words & new ways to use words
  • speaking backwards was fun

Performing poems makes it more fun & gives the poem more meaning and an edge” (Class teacher)

Pupil Feedback about what they learnt and enjoyed:

  •  I have learnt how to draw/colour, like colabourate in Drawing; I have enjoyed all of it.
  • I have learnt how to do a silly poem; I have enjoyed free style.
  • I have learnt how to draw better; I have enjoyed having the people here and the poem.
  • I have learnt about nonsense poems; I have enjoyed drawing with everyone.
  • I have learnt a new way to put words; I have enjoyed drawing.
  • I have learnt how to layer and work with words; being creative words.
  • I have learnt that their ar different combination’s of gibberish nonsense; all of it. Especially the performing.
  • to do speaking out; colouring
  • Today I’ve been learning the words; I enjoyed today all the colouring on the paper and the drawing; I enjoyed speaking backwards.
  • How to speak lik a jiberish man; Everything.
  • I’ve learnt about styles of letters; I’ve enjoyed the whole lesson.
  • I have learnt to speak backwards; I enjoyed talking backwards.
  • I have learn about styles of writing; Ive injoyed the whole lessons.
  • I’ve learnt how to make a random poem and it still makes sense; I’ve ejoyed the Drawing and having fun.
  • I learnt lots of new (strange) words.
  • I learnt the lovibond curse song. I learnt how to nonsense write. you forgot the cake! I enjoyed it very much good fun. It was ok but I could not see anyones work as it was covered it colours but it was fun. Thankyou for coming visitors. It was fun.
  • I have learnt to make a poem.
  • I have learnt how to write nautical poems; I have enjoyed writing the poem on the paper and colouring the things in.
  • I have learnt how to draw with a mixture of colours; I have enjoyed the poems and the drawing.
  • Devil board means drawing.
  • I learnt what the poem is.