More experiment with creative approaches to video using your smartphone

Kearsney Interpreted

Digital video maker Jamie Jenkinson’s third smart phone video workshop on November 10th 2018 took place in windows of dry time between periods of torential rain but ended in sunshine.

Naturally there were some drop outs, but those that came really embraced the workshop and the weather.

Jamie started the workshop by explaining how your smartphone manages to make the images it can on such a small device. He then went on to share some ways of how to use this knowledge to your advantage making experimental videos.

Participants sealed their phones in seethru sandwich bags before going off to try things out around Kearsney Abbey.

We kept ourselves dry and refreshed at the wonderful Park Cafe.

Feedback from participants -BEST THINGS: Autumn colour, great enviroment, good coffee, the ideas, the location, talk interesting, learnt a lot quite an eye opener re the way phone photographs are economical with the truth, the physics of smart phone photography, technical insights & info given. Theory and practice combined, the artist and other participants. WORST THINGS: the weather and lack of real shelter.

Jamie will be making a showreel of his Kearsney workshop participants videos to be screened to the public next year as part of the Art in the Park Kearsney Interpreted project.

 Had another brilliant time in Kearsney Park with those that braved the wet weather. The torrential rain lead to some interesting and experimental results, having to protect our devices in resealable freezer bags! Looking forward to getting the videos in and getting streamed on the final edit. Jamie Jenkinson

..Come rain or come shine..Really enjoyed yesterday’s Workshop and Jamie’s Insights into the creative use of smart phones. Thank you    Alma Tischler Wood