Leah Thorn | a:dress festival

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Spoken word poet Leah Thorn discusses her current project, a:dress festival:

In the UK, clothing has the fourth largest environmental impact after housing, transport and food. The average lifetime for a garment in the UK is just 2.2 years and an estimated £30bn of unused clothing hangs in UK wardrobes and yet we still shop for more. Each year 430,000 tonnes of clothing are disposed of in the UK, while the number of new clothes sold is rising.

The aim is to raise awareness of the devastating impact of fast fashion on the environment by –

•  disseminating clear information in creative, accessible and fun ways

•  mounting discussion groups, talks, workshops and performance events, in Folkestone and nationally

•  communicating the ways that women are directly and disproportionately impacted by climate crisis

•  acknowledging that women are targeted by, and vulnerable to, the fashion industry, ie the emotional ‘levers’ that encourage women to buy clothes

•  communicating the ways that Black and poor communities are disproportionately affected by climate crisis ie those countries that have done the least to create climate crisis are the worst affected

•  promoting alternatives to throwing clothes away, such as supporting charity shops, doing repairs and community clothes exchanges.

The a:Dress festival will take place in Folkestone and Sandgate from 10th-16th November 2020 with a pop-up shop/gallery in the Brewery Tap and ‘outpost’ exhibitions in local shop windows along the Sandgate Road.

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