Kent Fabrication Directory

Via Francigena Arts Trail

Inspired by the artists brief for the Via Francigena Art Trail where Kentish Provenance is featured amongst the 3 overarching criteria, artist Nicolas Deshayes, who has recently settled in Dover, came up with the wonderful idea of compiling a directory of local Kentish craftspeople that artists working on projects in the area could call upon.

The artists’ installations on the Via Francigena Art Trail will promote the special characteristics of the Via Francigena and its pilgrimage heritage as a route for reflection, renewal, and inspiration.

The three overarching criteria:

  • Genuine authentic Kentish provenance; rooted in real research, heritage, pilgrimage, and landscape
  • Contemporary relevance; speaking to the modern world and local communities
  • World class artistic quality; ambitious in quality

The project is funded by the Interreg Europe Green Pilgrimage Project.

We aim to keep the Directory updated so please do email if you have any recommendations.

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