Keep Going

Keep Going

DAD organised its second visual arts, music and poetry salon on 2 March 2014 at The Studios in Dover,

Keep Going was presented by Peter Sheppard Skærved – Violin & Malene Sheppard Skærved – poet in response to ‘Thread, Paper, Cloth’ an artist’s collaboration between Clare Smith and Rosie James. Peter and Malene arrived with composer Michael Alec Rose, whose compositions, Il Ritorno and Silence, inspired by walks on Dartmoor, were part of the programme, with Silence receiving its World Premiere.  Peter also gave a virtuoso performance of Strung out for walking violinist by Philip Glass, a rare and special treat.

The Salon was introduced by Joanna Jones, who said “KEEP GOING applies to friendships and collaborations – the salon being a direct continuation of connections made during DAD’s recent War & Peace programme. KEEP GOING is also pertinent in the context of DADs sustainability and we want to thank all those who donated so generously to the event. It has given us courage to do things spontaneously when a wonderful opportunity such as this arises.

KEEP GOING also applies to the space. It was the late Linda Maclean who first drew our attention to the Dover Marquee Company building and although her plans were sadly cut short it is Clare who has had the courage and vision to take first one floor as her studio and share it as a loose studio collective with Kate Beaugie Mike Tedder and Dave Robinson and now this upper workspace for multiple uses rentable at very reasonable rates.”

It was lovely to see so many familiar faces in the audience as well as some artists from Folkestone attending a DAD event for the first time. 42 people attended the event, many of whom had come to know Peter and Malene from the first salon at the White Cliffs Visitor Centre or from the Transit: Pulp & Rags Concert Premier in October 2013.

We appreciate all the feedback we receive, whether on Facebook, Twitter or by email:

  • A fabulous afternoon, very inspirational, thank you so much! (Petra Matthews Crow)
  • Fantastic (Rosie James)
  • Thank you to you and Clare for a great afternoon yesterday. What riches! What artistry. (Leah Thorn)
  • Just to say a big thanks from Sheila and I – It may be a minority thing but rather special that Dover has such a musical event. Well done and keep up the good work. (Jeremy Cope)
  • It was great fun and the space really worked. The audience was lovely. We will have to do something again. (Malene Skaerved)
  • Very impressive playing. (Ewan Golder)
  • Perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of art, music and poetry and absolutely loved the Glass – the music on the wall with its reminders of music & architecture’s close links, the ethereal, fragile quality of the art also spoke to the ephemeral nature of music. I need to work harder at listening to poetry and music together as I seem to use entirely different parts of me to absorb the two disciplines – but that is what experiencing new art should be about! Thanks  for inviting me to this very special event. (Helen Lindon)
  • It was a great pleasure and honour to be part of Keep Going last Sunday. What the two of you are doing is really a dream come true for me: to create a community that thrives on its own artful, mindful steam and draws people in by virtue of the simple and complex values of shared imaginative experience. I’m so happy you have an ally in our great friend Peter, whose musical vision has transformed my own in so many significant ways over the past decade.With all my heart, I thank you for your inspiration and hard work. I hope we will meet again soon. (Michael Rose)
  • It was wonderful to share the afternoon with you,especially in that very special venue. What an inspiring organisation. The whole event just put a smile on our faces from start….looking at the beautiful art work…the music and poetry,all superbly presented.It made up for having to miss your “main” concert recently. We hope to come again. (Tony and Sue Sheppard)
  • It was a pleasure to be there and be invited. We really enjoyed the salon, it’s location. What a fabulous spot! Do hope the salons keep going… (Kate and Nigel)

People were sorry to have missed it:

  • I just wanted to say that it was such a shame to miss yesterday. It looked amazing. Your work works so beautifully there, as a kind of intricate backdrop/world of its own. (Korinna McRobert)

We were helped on the day by volunteer Georgie Scott, who braved the biting wind and helped guests find the venue!

Programme: The programme was built around the idea of walking, perambulation, wandering …

“Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to do this. As a direct result of DAD Malene and I have ‘gone public’ with our long collaboration” (Peter Sheppard Skaerved).

“… lives are led not inside places but through, around, to and from them, from and to places elsewhere. …. I use the term wayfaring to describe the embodied experiene of this perambulatory movement. It is as wayfarers, then that human heings inhabit the earth. …. But by the same token human existence is not fundamentally place-bound …. but place binding. Proceeding along a path, every inhabitant lays a trail. where inhabitants meet, trails are entwined, as he life of each becomes bound up with the other. Every entwining is a knot, and the more that lifelines are entwined the greater the density of the knot.

Places then are like knots, and the treads from which they are tied are lines of wayfaring.” (Tim Ingold, Being Alive, pp. 148-149)

Malene Skaerved-New Writing 2013-14

Michael Alec Rose – Il Ritorno (2013-14)

Sadie Harrison – Gallery (2012-13)

Philip Glass-Strung Out (1963)

Nigel Clarke-Loulan (2002)

Michael Alec Rose – Silence (2014) World premiere

More details with recordings and the full text of Malene’s beautifully-read poems in her own evocative and rich voice are on Peter’s website.

Rosie has a post on her website too.

Link to Clare’s website.

Link to film by Ewan Golder

Photos by Clare Smith, Kate Beaugie and Rosie James