Kate Beaugié

What Next?


Fratres, July 2020. Oil on wood panels, 20″ x 42″

I turned to painting during lock down; the medium seemed more relevant and direct as a form of responding and communicating, and more convenient in my home.

Instead of artistically expressing myself to my art peers and the art establishment, I felt a desire to communicate to all humanity. The human species has been levelled and my artistic reaction to existence has changed too, and is in a process of recalibration.

I always make paintings and photograms listening to specific music, mostly medieval music this year; Monteverdi, Tallis, Byrd etc.

The painting Fratres however was painted whilst listening to the contemporary composer Arvo Pärt’s work, “Fratres”, hence the title. The combination of the sound and vision seemed to sum up how I was feeling a few months into the pandemic.

I think it was me representing light and dark, a turbulent, emotional landscape. The choice of the triptych format refers to iconography, but there is no representation of God here, just light and dark looking like an ocean of sadness, yet the format is peaceful and reassuring.