Joanna Jones

What Next?


I was very fortunate to have my studio at home.

I had started a new series of paintings just before lockdown in February.
As all scheduled activities with DAD (Dover Arts Development ) fell away, the lockdown in March gave me the chance to be in my studio every day for the first 6 weeks of lockdown.

10 egg tempera paintings resulted: Something rather than Nothing posted in the gallery attached to this post.

All the paintings are H1.60 m x W1.40 or 1.30m or 1.20m

Filmaker and visual artist Walter Gramming, who I worked together with in 1984 on the film Snow in June with Johann Rossouw, wrote in April :

During a night walk I thought about your art.

The body’s intimate touch of the canvas, as happens with your paintings, and what kind of utopia this gesture suddenly carries with it in this time of the virus. An intimacy we cannot allow ourselves any longer!
How wonderful that art still embodies perspectives and visions that help us through the many toils of everyday life and even catastrophes. (translated from German)

Bei einem Nachtspaziergang habe ich  nachgedacht über deine Kunst. Die intime Berührung des Körpers mit der Leinwand, wie das auf deinen Bildern geschieht, und welche Utopie diese Geste im Zeichen des Virus nun auf einmal in sich trägt. Eine Intimität die wir uns plötzlich nicht einmal mehr in Ansätzen erlauben dürfen!
Wie schön dass die Kunst immer noch Aussichten und Visionen in sich trägt die uns über viele Beschwerden des Alltags und selbst der Katastrophen hilft. 

I have felt very good with the ‘solitude’. I am so grateful to my neighbours for help with shopping and have felt surprisingly really connected with friends and family through Zoom. Now with a new DAD project WHAT NEXT?, thanks to ACE Covid-19 emergency funding in May, the challenge is to keep my painting practice and DAD in balance.

Inspired by a DAD Zoom Frottage workshop led by Amanda Thesinger in May, I have been experimenting with frottage on paper.  Here are 3 x A4 examples :  breathing #3 #4 #5.

In June Renée Pfister made me her ‘artist in focus’ in her newsletter and chose to show some of these lockdown paintings, she wrote :
Joanna Jones’ paintings are remarkably refreshing and uplifting. Her eccentric compositions where wondersome silhouettes emerge from the depth of the canvas capture the eye.  No beginning no end  –   journeys paused in the stream of time ……………….

The whole newsletter is available here